Payment technology specialist

We are a Czech company operating on the market already since 1991.
We provide banks, retailers and other businesses with complex services in the area of payment technologies.

Since 2019, we are part of the multinational Payten and ASEE group, which provides comprehensive payment solutions in many countries in Central and Southern Europe and Latin America.

Our company is in line with the Quality Management Standards: ISO 9001:2008.


How we work

The values our company′s philosophy is based on


We have been operating on the market for 30 years now.
During this period, we have developed our own know-how, acquired rich experience, and established cooperation with the best ones.
Together we can manage to improve your business as well.


All our processes and technologies are certified according to the PCI DSS security norms. They assure high-level data security standard of card payments. The norms are applied to all hardware, software, or any other devices, such as servers, networks, and applications within the payment process.


We are aware of the fact that prompt project implementation is crucial for our clients. Although we are one of the biggest players on the market, we have not lost the flexibility of a family business. Where large corporations are only on the point of approving the processes, we are already delivering the solution.


In our communication with our clients, we put emphasis on the personal approach. Each project is assigned with
a project manager, who leads it from the beginning to the end. We are personally responsible for our products as well as the subsequent service.


Expertise and specialization is very important for us. We regularly participate at specialized trainings, seminars, and conferences. We are a member of the Czech Bank Card Association and
a partner of the Slovak Bank Card Association. We present ourselves at the CardForum and CardSession conferences focused on payment cards and the related areas.


Also thanks to you, our clients, we can meaningfully help the local community by means of Rotary Club Brno City Endowment Fund, for example. We are also a long-term partner of the Czech Philharmonic Choir Brno and Mahen Theatre of the Brno National Theatre.

Who we are

Behind every good project, there is a team of our experienced professionals.

Tomáš Hron
General Manager
Lenka Bukalová
Head of Sales and Marketing Division
Ondřej Semotán
Head of Software Development
Jan Chytil
Head of Support Centre Division
Dalibor Kalousek
Head of Project Management
Marek Novotný
Head of Information and Communication Technology Division

History of SONET, s.r.o., company

Important milestones, which influenced development
and direction of our company



We are entering the Business to Customer segment with the new Retail solution KASA FIK Android Easy


SONET member of Payten

We are part of the international Payten Group



Extending services and scope to an international level



Number of service-less terminals which we delivered exceeds 1,000



There are more than 670 self-service kiosks in the Czech as well as Slovak Republic provided by our company



We enter the Romanian market



We pass the limit of 40,000 POS terminals with our solution
(Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Romania, Mauritius)



Our branch office in Budapest, Hungary, is opened.






We pass the limit of 100 self-service kiosks on the market



We become a partners of the Ingenico company



We become the regional distributor of the Hypercom company



We triple our share on the payment terminal market in Slovakia


Slovak Republic and Mauritius

We found a subsidiary in Slovakia and enter the payment terminals market in Mauritius



We win more than 20% Czech market share



We finalize the first generation of the POSMan information system


Consolidation Bank

We lead the project of implementing a new bank system for Consolidation Bank



We become the official distributor for the Hypercom company in the Czech Republic


Tandem Computers

We establish cooperation with the American company Tandem Computers. Two years later, we become the best VAR distributor



Foundation of the company in January, 1991

Foundation of the company in January, 1991

Social responsibility

We are happy that also thanks to you we can help where worthwhile.

The Tereza Maxová Foundation to Children

The Tereza Maxová Foundation to Children

The foundation supports institutionalized children in their return to the family environment. It strives for holding the biological family together if it is considered otherwise safe for the children and thus prevent their institutionalization. It supports mothers in need in order to manage to bring up and take a good care of their children themselves.

Rotary club Brno

Rotary club Brno

In cooperation with the Rotary Club Brno City Endowment Fund, we can help disabled children housed in the Kociánka Brno Disabled Youth Care Institute and Diakonie.
Kociánka is an open facility for weekly as well as all year-round stays of children and youth. It provides social care services and assistance to children and youth with physical disabilities and secondary mental disorders, which significantly hinders their standard upbringing, education, and vocational preparation.
Diakonie ČCE provides social, health, educational, and pastoral services to those, who are affected by an unfavourable life situation resulting from their age, disability, or any other distress.

Czech Philharmonic Choir Brno

Czech Philharmonic Choir Brno

The Czech Philharmonic Choir Brno currently belongs to one of the best and most sought-after professional ensembles in Europe. They annually perform about 90 concerts at home as well as abroad. The choir collaborates with all of the Czech and many foreign choirs and conductors. They are also a regular guest at international festivals and concerts worldwide. They recorded a CD for prominent Czech as well as European publishers, which is, of course, not the only reason for us to support them in their effort.

National Theatre Brno

National Theatre Brno

The proof of our genuine interest in the world of culture, among others, is our support of the Mahen Theatre of the National Theatre Brno (NDB).
Within its activity, we have become the sponsor of the international prestigious production of the classical work of world drama Othello by William Shakespeare. One of the most known Shakespeare′s plays is primarily the tragedy about two human passions, particularly envy and jealousy. The production of this play for the Mahen Theatre Company of the NDB is being arranged by the director Rastislav Ballek, who is currently one of the most original and recognized Slovak theatre personalities.

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)/Doctors without Borders

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)/Doctors without Borders

We are happy to help wherever we feel it is really worthwhile. One of such examples is the Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) international humanitarian organization, which provides professional healthcare to people in danger or crisis in more than 60 countries worldwide. Since its foundation, the organization has been awarded several honours with the most important being the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999.

Endowment Fund of Pediatric Oncology KRTEK in Brno

Endowment Fund of Pediatric Oncology KRTEK in Brno

The Endowment Fund of Pediatric Oncology KRTEK in Brno supports the activity of doctors and medical staff of the Children′s Medical Center of the University Hospital Brno and as such it is its integral part. The main priority of the Endowment Fund is increase in quality and comfort of children staying in the hospital, their healthcare during the entire treatment, and assistance in coping with its subsequent impacts.



We have joined a new project of the StageArtCz company, which is primarily focused on realization of modern theatre and drama productions. The leading personalities are Tomáš Vališ, Petr Halberstadt, and Radim Fiala. The home theatre of the StageArtCz company is Bolek Polívka Theatre in Brno.