Self-Serviced terminals

The self-serviced terminals are designated for installations in the whole system of the self-serviced device in places where it is impossible or economically inefficient to ensure personal service.

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Package/Set for contact and contactless cards

iUC180 payment terminal - SONET provider
Products: IUP 250 + IUR 250 + IUC 150B:

  • allows all payment and non-payment cards to be accepted,
    for the option of entering PIN, the terminal also allows payments over CZK 500 to be accepted,

  • the robust design protects against damage and adverse weather conditions,

  • high level of security (PCI PTS 3.x),

  • low energy consumption (ISO 14001),

  • wide range of communication to the authorization host (Ethernet, GSM/GPRS) and with the control system (Ethernet, serial line, Bluetooth).


  • bank cards (chip, magnetic, and contactless),

  • fuel contactless cards

Terminal for contactless cards for the payments up to CZK 500

iUC180 payment terminal - SONET provider
IUC 180 Contactless card reader

  • for all types of contactless payments,

  • acceptance for the payments
    up to CZK 500 (EUR 20) without verification,

  • easy installation,

  • LCD display with background lighting, possible activation of the terminal using buttons,

  • higher endurance/resistance,

  • possible remote POS application update.


  • bank contactless cards,

  • fuel contactless cards


  • reduction of operational costs,

  • fast dealing with customers and increase in efficiency of the whole operation,

  • various language mutations of the terminal,

  • ensuring the security of payment transactions,

  • option of combining various types of payments:
    noncash, cash, electronic money order, fuel cards, etc.,

The integrated software interface of the terminal allow easy installation in any system of the self-serviced device.

Easy integration


Based on the input data, we design the best possible solution for your project.

Easy implementation

We provide you with integration manuals and technical specifications required for interconnecting the self-serviced payment terminal with the control system.


For the purposes of the development and subsequent testing, we recommend that you purchase the payment terminal. The terminal can then be used in the production environment. The project is led by a project manager, who is at your disposal for the whole period.

Final certification

The certification process runs according to a testing scenario, which is part of the integration manuals. The goal is to certify readiness of the whole solution for the acceptance of payment cards on a selected authorization host.

Communication of the terminal with the authorization system

The payment terminal can be interconnected with the self-serviced device using the TCP/IP cable or RS232 serial cable. The payment terminals communicate with the authorization system using Ethernet, GPRS connection, or Bluetooth.