An information system for administration of payment terminal networks designated for acquiring (i.e. accepting payment cards and administration of card products), multi-platform terminal management, interconnecting to authorization systems and management of payment terminal maintenance services.

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Efficient administration

Provides efficient administration of a payment terminal network.


Enables business processes to be managed for implementing the module for accepting the cards by retailers and performs the operation and logistics.

Solutions of all entities

Provides complex and interconnected solutions of all entities involved in the administration of a payment terminal network (bank, authorization, terminal management, service).

The POSMan system includes a set of modules with each of them offering functionality focused on the selected user group:

1. Bank employees – merchant management, product management, terminal management

2. Maintenance service technicians – service management

3. Retailers


Each module contains a report file. Apart from static reports with firmly defined output, there are also dynamic reports and Ad hoc reports available. They enable own report to be defined according to the specific needs.

Reports can be exported into many formats (CSV, XLS, PDF etc.).

Various types of graphs allowing faster orientation within the data stored in the databases are available.

The application can be run using PC, tablets as well as mobile devices.

POSMAN - a modular system

Due to its modularity, the system can be adjusted to suit the specific requirements and conditions
of a particular client.

Due to the automation of the entire business process, it reduces the internal costs of acquiring by 40 to 50% and speeds up installation and administration
of payment terminals.


This module provides a function for administration of business entities/ traders, card products, and service intervention order management system and installation.
The user has an immediate overview of all records.

Automated communication with authorization systems

A great advantage of the system is the elimination of manual entries on the users′ side. This ensures that the information entered at the beginning of the business process goes through all the modules unchanged. It is important for the process of transferring business and technical parameters between acquiring, authorization systems, and terminal management.

Service module

The module includes a function for managing service activities and monitors errors and non-standard conditions of payment terminals.

Logistic module

Inventory management support featuring standard functions for registering stock inventory, monitoring its movement, serial numbers, etc.

Terminal management

This module features functions for payment terminal profile administration, hence the set terminal parameters.

Knowledge database

The knowledge database presents very progressive technology we use in our call centre.