POSMan Suite

The Sonet portal solution is a modern, technically secured solution for your business.
The portal is easily available on your computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

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Data security in the first place

The Sonet portal solution is secured and encrypted using the state-of-the-art encrypting technologies in order to prevent sensitive data loss or leakage.
The whole operation runs on backed-up servers.
We pay utmost care to fully secure the data against loss or leakage.

The Sonet portal solution provides the whole portfolio of services such as


We provide the solution via POS terminals designated for our clients who have a payment terminal available in their place of business and would like to use it for meeting the conditions arising from ERS Act as well. Controlling the whole process is very intuitive.

The price we offer includes:
1. Recording ERS transactions for the period of 5 years at least.
2. Export of data into .XLS format.
3. Detailed bill with optional export into the PDF format.
4. Search filter with enhanced functions.