Connecting POS terminal
with a cash register

Ideal solution not only for high-end stores, such as supermarkets, but also for restaurants and hotels.

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Easy manipulation

The cash register operators do not have to enter the sum to be paid twice (once into the cash register system and once to the payment terminal).

Minimizing errors

The interconnection eliminates
a potential incorrect sum to be entered, eliminating subsequent complaints.

Speeding up payments

The entire process of customer service is precise and fast.

The provided solution meets all security requirements designated by the card associations in the field of electronic payments.


Our payment terminals allow the cash register system to be interconnected using a communication protocol (SONET ECR2).
The concept of direct communication used between the payment terminal and cash register system allows the protocol to be independent of the platform (Windows, Linux, Android, etc.). For direct communication, our terminals support the RS232 and TCP/IP protocols.